Alexander Robotnick

Alexander Robotnick plays Theus Mago’s “Wrong Spell”

Italian electro legend Alexander Robotnick has just uploaded a new mixtape on his Soundcloud account, which includes one new track from Duro‘s latest release by Theus Mago.

Robotnick made his debut on the international scene with the 1984 electro-wavy single duly called “Ce N’est Q’un Début”, french for “It’s just a debut”. During his already decennary career, Alexander has being constantly evolving and developing his own sound. His long musical biography includes world-music bands like Data From Africa, Masala and Alkemya, a collaboration with The Hacker, and most recently Robottin, a new project with italian producer Bottin.  

Listen to Alexander Robotnick‘s new mixtape here:

Via Soundcloud