Moderna Theus Mago

Listen to Moderna & Theus Mago’s mixtape for Rinse FM

Moderna & Theus Mago hit Rinse FM France with a new mixtape to celebrate his forthcoming release at the French label Kill The DJ, imprint form Chloé and Ivan Smagghe

This new EP is part of the Lumière Noire series, which is curated by Chloé. The name of this new EP is Lumière Noire 03 and it includes three original tracks and one remix from Die Wilde Jagd.

“We are happy to bring you the third opus of the Lumière Noire collection. This one is a one-way ticket to Los Angeles – Mexico – Paris offered by our beloved mariachis Moderna Y Theus Mago. Immersive slow-tracks, techno tension at its best with sharp acid bass lines.” Chloé

Lumière Noire 03 will be released at April 15th. Meanwhile, listen to this trippy and exclusive mix from Moderna & Theus Mago.

Via Mixcloud