N/UM Zebra

N/UM’s ‘Zebra’ Is Out Now!

N/UM is a New York based Minimal, House & Techno influenced trio that incorporates stringed instruments, voices, analog synthesizers and drum machines in their sound. Each performance or recording is improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan or structure agreed upon. The debut album Zebra by New York based electronic collective N/UM is a true representation of their creative process and sonic capabilities. The Minimal, House and Techno influenced trio presents an improvised live set, one song moving into the next. The content and form of the music and the arch of the entire set was created in real-time, during a single session in November 2015. N/UM uses analog synths and drum machines, string instruments and vocals to create their unique organic sound.


1. Tunnel Vision
2. River at Last
3. Abendrot
4. Dive
5. With the Now
6. Chinook
7. A Free Man in Brooklyn



Selected DJ Feedback:

  • Marco Bailey (MB Elektronics) – “Abendrot!”
  • Ilario Alicante (Cocoon Recordings) – “Thanks for the music!”
  • Audio Junkies (Diynamic Music) – “Tunnel Vision” is my favorite, but very nice LP!