Theus Mago

WhyPeopleDance premieres Theus Mago “Out Of The Blue”

Lithuanian music entrepreneur / blog  WhyPeopleDance premieres exclusively the new track from Theus Mago. Upcoming acid tripper epic banger “Out Of The Blue” is now available to listen here.

WhyPeopleDance started originally as a blog, but it is now better known for it’s podcasts, specially the Serial Experiments, a collaboration between Paul and Vilmantas (SE founder). Together they have pulled up a very impressive selection of carefully curated mixtapes. Catalogue includes Morgan Hammer, La Mverte, Thomas Von Party, Manfredas, among many others. “Out Of The Blue” is the first track from the upcoming Theus Mago EP, which will be available in stores February 1st, 2016 via Duro.

Via WhyPeopleDance