Superstudio, our newest addition to the Duro family

Superstudio is the pseudonym used by Jeronimo as a producer and Dj. Superstudio has been hosting the Mexican scene for many years, his ample experience working with turntables and his musical selection have given him many musical residences at renowned clubs as the M.N. Roy and Mono, the most prestigious clubs in Mexico City, and many gigs around the Mexican Republic.

In 2013, he became part of a meticulously chosen line up to play as part of the Mayan Warrior in the Burning Man Festival next to artists as Pachanga Boys and Blond:ish, among others. In 2014, he made his debut as a producer with the track Delusion that is part of the compilation Mexico All Stars from the German based label Correspondant, under the charge of Jennifer Cardini. Delusion obtained excellent reviews from the acclaimed French producer Ivan Samgghe. This event, opened the door to Superstudio to launch his EP debut, which has created huge expectations.

His craving for music, his trajectory and his music scene knowledge, have given him many resources to be a DJ fearless to experience in many genres, attribute that has given him identity and credibility. Superstudio feels his audience and adapts himself to his demands without losing his essence. His pleasure and tendency for dark beats, but also for harmonious arpeggios, turns the sets as something unique, that attract anyone to the dance floor. His more than 6 hours already legendary sets, has been catalogued as “dark and hypnotic”. He has shared the music booth with artists as Barnt, Joakim, Justice, Philipp Gorbachev and 2Many Djs among others.