N/UM Anagoge

Watch “Anagoge” the new video from New York trio N/UM

New York trio N/UM will soon release Zebra, their debut album via Duro. This new material was recorded in a live session around November 2015 and now you can watch some of their creative and sonic skills in the video for”Anagoge”. In this video we can watch N/UM perform in a real time session.

One of the biggest characteristics of the band  is that all of their music is unique and played in real time, based in improvisation. For this reason their music can be ephemeral, but not less valuable. “Anagoge” is not a part of the album, but it’s the perfect way to get to know their skills and talent.

Zebra by N/UM will be available in stores on Jun 17th. You can pre-order the album here.

Via THUMP Mexico