1. Sexy Dance (Incl. Bawrut Edit)
    Fernanda Arrau

  2. Damn, I Forgot (Incl. Niv Ast & Sobek Remixes)

  3. Shifting Sands (Incl. Elfenberg Mix)
    Javier Ferreira & Persona RS

  4. En Trance
    She Teiks

  5. Dog Is Calling You
    Moderna Y Theus Mago

  6. Muy Divas Vol I - Curated By Mystery Affair
    Villaseñor, Fernanda Arrau, Mala Ika, Brolorizo, InVertida, SÜSS, Hard Ton, Mystery Affair

  7. Give Chance A Trance
    Moderna Y Theus Mago

  8. Maranta Kicks (Incl. Bryan Kessler Remix)
    Oblako Maranta

  9. Sanasana (Incl. Venice Arms, Theus Mago & Moisees Remixes)
    Esprit Divers

  10. Muy Duro Vol. X
    Javier Ferreira, Persona RS, Mijo, Mishell, Heidenreich, UFO Club

  11. Cumbres (Incl. Esprit Divers Remix)
    Sierra Madre

  12. Muy Duro Vol. 9
    Enzio Etchaberri, Theus Mago, Coast2c, Zillas on Acid, Mike Sacchetti, Chas, ZEA

  13. Muy Duro, Vol. 8
    Monk Ernie, Time To Sleep & Local Suicide, Ido Morali, Moisees & ZEA, Dominik Marz & Radial Gaze

  14. Chico Sol (Incl. Eden Burns Remix)
    Pancho Piedra

  15. Neophobia (Incl. Third Son Remix)
    Esprit Divers

  16. Whispers (Incl. Johannes Albert Remix)

  17. Muy Duro, Vol. 7
    Dom. Marz, Radial Gaze, Bruce The Bat Person, Heidenreich, Macaulay, Und. Pattern, N. Hanzo, A-Tweed

  18. Piel De Oso (Incl. Rina X Benji, and Moisees & ZEA Remixes)
    Theus Mago

  19. Baba Music Vol. I (Incl. Jonathan Kusuma Remixes)
    Switchdance + Rina

  20. Derrumbes Y Escaleras (Incl. Chez de Milo & Zillas on Acid Remixes)
    Theus Mago

  21. Conexión (Incl. Thomass Jackson & Juan To Tree Remixes)
    Tierra de Ovnis

  22. Muy Duro Vol 6
    Arthur Johnson, Cornelius Doctor, ID_UA & Berny, Colossio, Alvaro Cabana

  23. Monza

  24. Die Neue Welt (Incl. The Juan Maclean Remix)
    Nick Hanzo & Yaman

  25. Latinon (Incl. Fabio Me Llaman Soltero Remix)

  26. Pebbles Mind Horrors (Incl. Mytron Remix)
    Theus Mago

  27. In Control
    Arthur Johnson

  28. HARD FIVE: A Five Year Duro Retrospective

  29. Muy Duro Vol 5
    Tim Paris, Middle Sky Boom & AckerMan, Rina x Benji, Nick Hanzo & Yaman, Theus Mago & Id!r

  30. Inocência (Incl. Dominik Marz Remix)

  31. Khoomei (Incl. Nick Hanzo & Yaman, Theus Mago Remixes)

  32. Savage (Incl. Sascha Funke Remix)

  33. Fucked Up Mama (Incl. Autarkic, Arthur Johnson, Cabaret Nocturne Remixes)

  34. Muy Duro Vol 4
    Dino Lenny, Nick Hanzo & Yaman, Cabizbajo, Carisma, Roman & Castro, Theus Mago

  35. Arrival (Incl. Tyu & Modular Project Remixes)
    Darlyn Vlys

  36. Muy Duro Vol 3
    T. Jackson & Cornelius Doctor, Roe Deers, Concret & Iñigo Vontier, Martin Noise & Marzian, Kabinett

  37. The Crisp Night (Incl. Rigopolar & Kincaid Remixes)

  38. Prótesis (Incl. Simple Symmetry Remix)
    Roliva & Fausto

  39. Muy Duro Vol 2
    Fausto, Darlyn Vlys, Jepe, Mordisco, Carisma

  40. El Desespere (Incl. Damon Jee & Jenia Tarsol Remixes)
    Undefined Pattern

  41. Muy Duro Vol 1
    Kubebe, Roe Deers, Wolfstream, Nick Hanzo & Yaman, Fabio Me Llaman Soltero

  42. Perisur (Incl. Cornelius Doctor & Jepe Remixes)
    Max Jones

  43. We Are One

  44. Confucius Says (Incl. Marvin & Guy and Bird Of Paradise Remixes)

  45. Pieles (Incl. Bawrut & Niv Ast Remixes)

  46. Pixels

  47. Polaroïd (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  48. México 70

  49. The Death Of Hope (Incl. Middle Sky Boom & Younger Than Me Remixes)

  50. Water Walk (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  51. Komm Ins Loch (Incl. Aera & Colossio Remixes)
    Theus Mago

  52. Brujerías

  53. The New Jezebel Spirit (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  54. Mijo - THXTASY (Incl. Paulor, Moisees, The Chica, & D.Y.O.R. Remixes)

  55. Inertials (Incl. Iñigo Vontier & Jamie Paton Remixes)
    Theus Mago

  56. Hillalum (Amazónica)

  57. F2F (Incl. Roe Deers & Tyu Remixes)

  58. Donna (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  59. Censurados (Incl. Midnight Magic and Club Duro Remixes)

  60. Maquina del Ritmo (Incl. Jackson & Mago Mix)

  61. Girasol

  62. Technorata

  63. Luna
    Theus Mago

  64. Operativo (T Edit) [Free Download]
    Club Duro

  65. Train Station Philosophy

  66. Induction (Theus Mago Remix)

  67. Induction (Single Edit)

  68. La Basse Et Les Shakers (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  69. Misterio / Afecto

  70. City Sphere (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  71. Vol. I

  72. Fuerza (Free Download)
    Club Duro

  73. Zebra

  74. Cosmoattack

  75. Out Of The Blue / Wrong Spell
    Theus Mago

  76. Bruha - Chon Lennon


Duro Mexico

Duro Label, established in 2015 by renowned Mexican producers Moisees and Theus Mago (aka Bufi), stands at the forefront of the indie-dance and techno scene in Latin America. Initially a modest local enterprise, the label has rapidly transformed into a dynamic global platform, showcasing an array of distinctive and captivating sounds. ... more

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